Cover Pink



I love cover powder as much as the next guy, so please don’t get me wrong when I say I have mixed feelings about the use of this in competition. In my opinion it’s okay in Salon Success and nail art competitions, but on the sacred ground of Competition Pink & White Sculptured Nails, this camouflage powder should never tread. While NAILPRO competitions do not allow cover pink in their Sculptured Nail category, it seems like it is commonplace all around the nail world. I know that the perfect model is not always available, but finding a good one is just part of the competition. Having said that, I always see talented nail techs using cover powder - even when the model has beautiful nail plates. Cover powder hides so much while clear pink, if applied well, only magnifies your skill - and contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t that easy to use. Yes, you can certainly extend the nail plate for a sleeker look, but I have yet to see one set that has no shadows at the smile line when white is used on the free edge. The photos do look absolutely fabulous, but in person it never holds that classic crisp look that is so hard to achieve with clear pink.

And isn’t that the point of this competition? To master something that is the hardest for the nail tech to achieve and to do it better than our peers? For most people, sculpting well is a trick in and of itself, but to create a nail that is perfectly even and contoured from all sides without shadows at the smile line or moon, with perfect c curves and side walls? That is magic only the best nail ninjas can pull off! Japan is a country that has this magic down pat - and they should, as they had the best nail teacher that ever lived: Tom Holcomb. Judging the French Sculpture competition in Japan is an extreme pleasure; eye candy for the nail techs soul, if you will. There is set after set of almost perfect nail enhancements all created with white and clear pink powder. Yes, they have a plethora of beautiful models to choose from, but the playing field is level because everyone’s model has 1-inch long nail plates. Their example of diligence, practice and pursuit of perfection is something every nail competitor should strive for…and the mastery of clear pink is included in that pursuit. I say all of this to encourage and challenge pink & white competitors of the world to use the clear pink with crispness in mind.

I would love to hear other's opinions on this topic so please don't hesitate to comment!