Rapidly Approaching: ISSE Long Beach!


The 2012 holiday celebrations have come to an end and if you are an avid competitor it signals the count down to ISSE Long Beach. This next big competition is closing in fast. All 

461 that practicing put off until after the holidays that has been nagging in the back of your mind is getting ready to start screaming, loudly, “PRACTICE NOW!!” ISSE Long Beach is a large show and in a great location. It attracts many national and international competitors—very talented competitors. Practice and preparation are crucial in order to score a win here. If you haven’t already done so, make a plan and practice schedule now. You will be so happy you did come January 26th.  For the newbie this means you need to create a timeline and run through it frequently in order to finish well. Utilize your model, she can keep time for you. For the veteran, well I don’t need to tell you if you are one, because you know exactly what this means! Whether you are just a procrastinator or so prideful that you believe you don’t need to practice, ISSE is chasing you. Anxiety and shaky hands can almost always be quelled by being prepared. Assurance in knowing you have all the needed supplies, a good model and practice time under your belt is priceless when you get to the competition. It’s always easier to compete equipped instead of running in at the last minute, model grabbed quickly off the show floor, no lamp, forgotten files, borrowing here and there—essentially flying by the seat of your pants. Assume an air of real confidence, only gained by being prepared. Combine that with an “on a mission” attitude and you’re off to a fantastic start.  Knowing you’re ready and putting it into action straight through to the finish is what makes a champion.

Even the greatest competitor can have a bad day. It happens to everybody at least once, and in the end they can tell you exactly what it was that caused their loss. Usually, it was lack of preparation. They didn’t get that last key practice in before they left home, or they forgot to confirm with their model and she made other plans. It could be any number of things, but the point is this; preparation is paramount and the beginning of preparation is practice.  Rarely does someone walk in unprepared and take a trophy. I can’t say that I’ve never seen it happen, because I have, but more often than not I see competitors show up unprepared. When they walk away without a trophy, they have a thousand reasons for why they should have won and a thousand more why the winners should not.  Reasons like, “the judges don’t like me” or “the judges don’t know anything”, “I can’t believe so and so won—her cuticle was cut”. Never mind the fact that everything else was spot on. It’s easy to find flaws in another’s work and glaze over the greatness in their work, especially when someone is trying to find reasons for why they didn’t place. I know this to be all too true from experience. I remember those competitions were the most difficult learning experiences. They cut me to the quick especially when I got home and realized it truly was my fault that I didn’t place, because I wasn’t prepared. I want to encourage you because there is still time. Don’t be caught unprepared. Spend at least 30 minutes less each day on Pinterest or Facebook or whatever your time waster is but by all means.. get yourself ready!