Seize the Moment!!

The NAILPRO Cup is officially up for grabs! Is it something you’ve set your sights upon this 

year? If so, now is the time to set your competition goals and mark your calendar for the 


start of the 2014 competition year at NAILPRO Sacramento on Sept. 21, 2013.

Even with NAILPRO Sacramento just around the corner, there’s still time to prepare. Procrastinating or not making the time will bring sorry, disappointment and wasted money come competition time. Now is the time to PRACTICE, find your models, register, PRACTICE, research themes, start your nail art, PRACTICE, make reservations, plan a timeline, and did I mention PRACTICE? At every competition I see work that has so much potential. When that potential is not reached, we judges look at one other with pained looks on our faces and whisper, “if only.”  If they had practiced a few more times—or at all—or if they had just finished, or had time to get the dust off. It kills me to know how much money some competitors invest in competing but neglect in the things like preparation and PRACTICE that will bring them success. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: There are very few, if any, competitors that can place without PRACTICING.

I’ve seen competitors go into competition with complete denial of the required training it takes to place, too. Eventually when they are eliminated or don’t make the top ten, they focus on every reason why the winners should not have won and completely overlook the reasons why they themselves didn’t. They go home feeling dejected and angry but still don’t bother to practice for the next one! This is especially true of some competitors that have won a lot of trophies in the past. They seem to have the “rest on one’s laurels” attitudes of no longer needing to make the effort. The cycle of bad sportsmanship continues with blame being placed on “bad” judging or favoritism from the judges, etc. It’s like when my kids play sports but refuse to practice on their own outside of team practice. When they aren’t played as much as they’d like, I tell them, “You have to make your game so good that the coach can’t not play you.”  It’s the same in the nail competition arena.

You have to work at making your skills so good that no judge or anyone else can dispute it. I watched former champion competitor Lynn Lammers do just that. There was a time when she competed, winning a trophy only here and there. She set her mind and practiced her tail off to beat anyone that she came up against and accomplished that goal—time and time again. 

Formulating your plan for success at nail competitions isn’t just about skill level though. Often, it’s a lack of understanding that creates the problem. It’s shocking how many times I’ve observed this scenario: a competitor spends the money, gets the perfect model and probably even practices quite a bit but skips reading the rules and judging criteria thoroughly and then uses a product that’s not allowed. No matter how good the nails are, most of the time, one can’t possibly place using a prohibited product. Do your homework!

Now is the time to start preparing (if you haven’t already started) for the 2014 NAILPRO Cup. Seize the moment before its too late and performance anxiety or denial seizes you! You’re money and time are too valuable not to. Plus, you are capable of winning.