General Competition Rules and Information 2016/17


NAILPRO nail competitions are open to all beauty professionals licensed or qualified to perform nail services. Current students and beauty professionals from states or countries in which licensing is not required are also eligible to compete. Proof of licensure or qualification (such as school enrollment certificate or letter confirming salon employment) may be required.

**1. All work for each entry must be completed by the competitor registered for that competition. If NAILPRO finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any NAILPRO or NAILPRO-run competition for the period of one year.


2.  ALL WORK MUST BE DONE ON SITE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.  No pre-done work is allowed, unless otherwise noted.  If NAILPRO finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any NAILPRO or NAILPRO-run competition for the period of one year.


3. Any competitor or model found not complying with the NAILPRO rules before, during or until the close of the show is subject to possible disqualification and/or point deduction. In the event disqualification occurs after awards and/or prizes, cash or otherwise, have been distributed, the disqualified contestant must return their trophy as well as any and all prizes to NAILPRO staff. He or she will also be prohibited to participate in any NAILPRO or NAILPRO-run competition for one year.
4. Competitors are responsible for making sure that they and their models understand and comply with the competition rules. Failure to comply may result in point deduction or disqualification at the discretion of the NAILPRO competition staff.
**5. Competitors must report at the scheduled report time to receive entry information. Late arrivals or entries may not be accepted. Nail art entries may be turned in by someone other than the competitor. Nailpro cannot be responsible for artwork turned in by someone other than the competitor.

6. Competitors must supply their own models when models are required. Models must be at least 18 years old, OR if a release is signed by the parents no younger than 14, AND one or both parent(s) are present while the minor is modeling.  Models will be required to show ID if asked by Nailpro Staff.  Only live models may be used.

**7. Competitors must supply ALL necessary products and supplies, including lamps and extension cords for each competition they enter, (unless otherwise noted). Products must be in labeled containers.
**8. The rules will be reviewed in mandatory questions only or briefing scheduled 5 or 15 minutes before the start of each competition unless otherwise noted.


**9. Once the questions only or briefing starts, competitors will not be allowed to touch their models until the start of the competition. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.


**10.  At no time during a competition may models assist the competitor in any capacity.  Models may not blow dust, lick their nails at any time prior to being judged.  If a staff member asks the model to stop breaking these rules it will be at the discretion of the floor judge to disqualify the competitor for bad model behavior.


**11. Competitors must have all products they are going to use out on their work area, and all cases must be closed. After the competition has begun, competitors may not reach into the case without competition staff present.


12.  Bowls containing marbles, stones or any objects are not allowed on or in working area at any time. 
13. Any prohibited products or supplies found at a competitor’s workstation will be confiscated, and the competitor may be disqualified at the discretion of the NAILPRO competition staff. Products will be returned at conclusion of award ceremony, and then only by request.
14. Once the competition begins, competitors and/or models may NOT leave the competition area without the permission of the competition staff. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
15. When a competition ends, competitors must immediately stop working, and move away from their workstations as directed. Competitors are NOT allowed to touch their models again until after they have been judged. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
15. When a competition ends, models must stand and follow the instructions given by the competition staff. Models may NOT leave the competition area until excused by the competition staff.
16. During the judging process, models may NOT speak to other models or to the judges.
17. Models are NOT allowed to wear any jewelry on their hands, wrists or arms, including watches. Failure to comply will result in a deduction of 5 points in the category of overall. This rule does not apply to models for Fantasy Nail Art.

18. Models are NOT permitted to move the judge’s curtain during the judging process.
19. Competitors are NOT allowed in or near the judging area at any time. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
20. When directed, competitors must promptly clean their workstations and leave the competition area.


**21.  Competitors are given 1 (ONE) chair – if chairs are not needed you may use 2, however if there is a shortage you will be required to give up the extra chairs you are using.


**22.  If at any time a competitor has an issue with the results or decisions of judges it is mandatory that it be discussed in a respectful manner.  If the competitor insists on acting disrespectful, it will be at the discretion of the judge to not allow that competitor to compete in any or all upcoming Nailpro competitions.


**23.  The NAILPRO competition staff reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules.

**New information regarding turn in entries**

Competitors may turn in more than one entry.  It is up to the competitor to get the entry to the competition, and arrange for the entry to be returned to the competitor.  NAILPRO will only be responsible for any turn in entries during the competition.  We will not be accepting entries prior to arriving on site, and will not be responsible for returning entries to the competitor. 



These competition rules are in effect for NAILPRO Cup. For rule clarification, please contact the Competition Message Center at (800) 787-5135 or e-mail,, or call 818-516-2999.

**1. Upon registration, competitors and their models give consent to Creative Age Publications, Inc. and all of its properties to freely use in any form or manner they seem fit for Creative Age Publication’s magazines, websites and projects.  In addition, to reproduce all photographs, videos or such taken at the show, including those taken by photographers, or others hired for the show by Creative Age Publications.  Not limited to anyone working in conjunction with Nailpro Competitions.  All photos, images and videos or film shot are property of Creative Age Publications and may not be used without written permission.  Your registration is considered as a signed release.


**1.A.  When you arrive to report, the competitor will be given a certificate of participation with wristbands and/or a round sticker with their number.  The wristbands are for the model, and are color coded for each separate competition.  Novice competitors are given an additional white band, one for each competition they registered in.  When putting the wristband on your model make sure it fits like a large bracelet.  Do not choke the wrist of your model.  PLEASE TURN THE NUMBERS SO THEY FACE AWAY FROM THE MODEL.


**2. Themes:  Are guideline rules.  If the themes are not followed disqualification or point, deductions are possible.  Decision will be that of the Nailpro Competition staff and will be announced during awards ceremony.  Please note when a color or shades of a color are given as a theme, it means no other color may be used unless otherwise noted.

**3. Competitors must designate their level of experience (Novice or Veteran) when they register, except when competing in a NON-Divisional competition.


• A novice ART competitor has not won first-place in any DIVISIONAL NAIL ART competition at a beauty show.

• A novice Extension competitor has not won first-place in any DIVISIONAL NAIL EXTENSION competition at a beauty show.

• A veteran Art competitor has won first-place in a DIVISIONAL NAIL ART competition at a beauty show.

• A veteran EXTENSION competitor has won first-place in a DIVISIONAL NAIL EXTENSION competition at a beauty show.

• A NON-Divisional competition consists of both Veteran and Novice competitors.  No first place win will move anyone up a division.





























***********************NEW CHANGE** 2017********************* 


Novice competitors who won first place with 4 or fewer participants are now eligible to return to novice status AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NOT WON FIRST PLACE ANYWHERE after that IN THAT TYPE OF competition.  If you are moving back you MUST inform April Menendez AND Jewell Cunningham in writing.  It May NOT be done verbablly!!!


If we are made aware you did win somewhere, you will not be able to compete with NPC for 1 year.


Moving forward, any novice competition with 4 or less competitors, the first place winner is not required to move to veteran status.  If you choose to you can, but are not allowed to return to novice.


**NEW CHANGE:   Novice competitors who win first place in a NAIL ART,  category will have the choice to compete as a veteran or a novice ONLY when competing in future EXTENSION type categories, and VICE VERSA for ARTISTIC EXTENSION CATEGORIES and must compete as a veteran for ALL NAIL ART COMPETITIONS. 

For those competitors that were moved to veteran status, as a result of a NAIL ART first place win, and have not won first place in an extension type category, you may now compete in the nail extension category as a novice, however you must still compete in NAIL ART type categories as a veteran.  The same is in place if you placed first in an extension category, and have not won in Nail Art you can compete as a novice.


**4. Novice competitors who win first-place in a Nail Art Competition award must advance to the veteran level Of Nail Art for the next competition.   You may continue to compete, as a novice in any extension competitions provided you have not won a first-place in such a competition.

5. A team of competitors that wants to participate in the NAILPRO Cup Team Challenge must announce their team affiliation upon registering.  The number of team members is unlimited, but only the score earned by team members who make it into the top ten will count toward the Nailpro Team Cup. (If a competitor joins a team, or changes teams between shows, the score earned by that competitor in prior competitions will remain with the original team.)

6. Competitors who compete on a manufacturer’s team must compete using only manufacturer’s labeled products from that company. Files and metal implements are excluded.


**7. Prizes:   All monies are listed unless otherwise noted.

Novice winners will receive a metal trophy and at our NAILPRO shows, a bag of donated products if provided. Tip and overlay relay members will each receive a medallion except where noted.

Veteran winners will receive a Lucite trophy and cash awards as follows: 1st $500.00, 2nd $400.00 and 3rd $200.00.  Except where noted.  Premiere - 1st $400.00, 2nd $300.00 and 3rd $200.00.


NON-DIVISIONAL competitions combine both novice and veteran.  Prizes awarded for these competitions will be the following1st $125.00, 2nd $100.00 and 3rd $75.00.  Except where noted. 

New competitions may have different prize structure. Winners will receive medallions or trophies.  Please see individual rules for detailed information.  Entry fees vary depending on competition.  Please see individual rules for information.


**7A – ONE HANDED COMPETITIONS – We would like to ask if at all possible when sharing a model to do your best to choose a competitor of the same level.  Example – Veteran and Veteran or Novice and Novice.  It makes it easier at judging.  This is not a rule just a suggestion.


8. NAILPRO competitions utilize analytic scoring to judge the entries. Three judges preview the novice entries and veteran entries as two separate groups. Through the process of elimination, the judges select no more than ten finalists at each level to be scored. All other entries are excused prior to scoring by the judges. Non divisional competitions use the same preview and judging system.
**9. The finalists at each level are viewed simultaneously during the scoring process. Finalists are evaluated in ten categories; each category is worth a possible ten points, ranging from 1 (Unacceptable) to 10 (Flawless) except where otherwise noted. Each of the three judges is responsible for three to four categories. The categories for each competition are listed in the rules specific to that competition. Only finalists receive score sheets.

10. The competition staff calculates the final scores, and the judges verify the placements before excusing the finalists. Any ties will be broken by the Head Judge. The decision of the judges is final.


11.  Access to the competition area is limited to competitors, models, and NAILPRO competition staff.



**1. There must be a minimum of four competitors in each competition for the competition to proceed as planned. This means four each in veteran, and four each in novice or four non-divisional. If a competition fails to be held, the novice entrants present will be allowed to compete in the veteran division for that particular competition only. If they win they will not be moved up a level. There will be no refunds of registration fees unless the competition is canceled. 



2.  The competitor with the highest cumulative score at the end of the competition year, will be crowned NAILPRO CUP CHAMPION for that year.


3. Each team member becoming a finalist in the individual competitions will receive their Cup score. These cumulative scores will be added towards the Team Cup. Disqualified competitors will not receive any score.
4.  New Score Rules For All TURN-IN competitions: For both individual and team entries, NAILPRO Cup score for all turn-in competitions will be tabulated as 50% of their score, such as 80 = 40 and so on.

**Sacramento: All scores earned for competitions completed on site will count as double towards the Nailpro Cup of that Cup year.

**Pasadena:  All scores earned for competitions completed on site will count as double towards the Nailpro Cup of that cup year.

5. The individual competitor with the highest cumulative score at the conclusion of NAILPRO IBS Las Vegas Competition will be crowned the NAILPRO Cup Champion for that year and receive:
• The NAILPRO Cup trophy
• A $3,000 prize
• A one-page interview/article in NAILPRO
• A one year subscription to Nailpro Magazine
The top ten finalists will receive NAILPRO Cup medallions


6. The team with the highest cumulated scores at the conclusion of NAILPRO IBS Las Vegas Competition will win the NAILPRO Cup Team Challenge for that year and receive:
• The NAILPRO Cup Team Championship trophy
• A one-page interview/article in NAILPRO
• A one-year subscription to NAILPRO magazine to all of the final team members present at NAILPRO Cup Competition.
7. Competitors and models should plan to attend the Awards Ceremony to receive recognition and certificates of participation. Immediately after the ceremony, the competition staff will distribute score sheets to the finalists, and the judges will be available to answer questions and make suggestions for improvement.
8. Any and all prize or trophy revisions are announced during the briefing or after awards.
9. New rules, competitions and/or new information are not up for discussion. Any ideas for improvement may be presented via e-mail to at the end of the competition year only.

10. NAILPRO competitions are a showcase for the nail industry. The NAILPRO competition staff expects all participants to conduct themselves in a professional, sportsmanlike manner.

Property of Nailpro Competition ©2017 Creative Age Publications. All rules including judging criteria are NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED UNLESS WRITTEN APPROVAL IS GIVEN FROM NAILPRO COMPETITION DIRECTOR ONLY!  All Nailpro Competition rules are copywritten and All rights reserved.