It's All About The Bling! 2017 - Non Divisional

Competition change for BLING COMPETITIONS!!!!.

Our Sponsor Swarovski is going to give EVERYONE who is competing all "It's All About The Bling! Las Vegas the ONLY CRYSTALS THEY ARE USING! Each competitor will have the same amount and type of crystals to use for their designs. This will level the playing field!

15 minutes before the competition begins we will hand out the crystals and you can begin thinking of your design. DO NOT BRING EXTRA CRYSTALS FOR THIS COMPETITION. YOU WILL ONLY BE USING ONLY WHAT WE GIVE YOU. EACH BAG WILL CONTAIN BETWEEN 50 AND 60 CRYSTALS, WE ARE NOT SURE EXACTLY HOW MANY YET.    You can still have one solid color applied per nail.

*****1.  Competitors will have 45 minutes (unless otherwise noted - see daily schedule) to complete one hand (unless otherwise noted - see daily schedule) with what you are given prior to the start of the competition.   The model’s pre-existing nails are not judged.

2.  **Models nails may already have color applied prior to the start of the competition.  You may have different colors on each nail, but it must be a solid color. NO DESIGNS.  No hand painted nail art, designs, decals or stamping is allowed at any point. 

3.  The model's nails may not have art or embellishments on their nails prior to the start of the competition.

4.   There is no preferred length.  Any shape is allowed as long it is done with a file by hand.  No drilling holes are allowed prior to the competition.

5.   Cleansing products (soaps, etc.) and moisturizing products (oils, creams, lotions, etc.) are allowed. Excessive use of oil is not permitted.  It will be at the judge’s discretion to deduct points for excess oil.

***Does not apply 2017!!  6. **Pre work is allowed.  But must be no larger than ½” in diameter.

***Does not apply for 2017!!7. **Only various types of bling stones are allowed unless otherwise noted in schedule. No JEWELRY PIECES, NO stones in a setting or stones or crystals with holes in them MAY BE USED.  Metal bouillon only!  for Pasadena - Metal bling only! 



8. You will be judged on the shape of the finished nails.


9. Top coat, UV gel sealant may be used.

10.  Competitors may NOT use any copyrighted art, designs or logos.

11.  It’s All About The Bling! Embellishment will be judged in the following categories: originality, cleanliness of application, design, workmanship, balance, amount of bling, visual interest, shape, complexity, brightness, detail and overall impression.

12. Any It’s All About The Bling! Nail Art design that wins, or has already won, first place at a NAILPRO competition cannot be reused by the winner or copied by other competitors in subsequent NAILPRO competitions. The NAILPRO competition staff reserves the right to disqualify any design it considers too similar to a winning design. Any discussion with the NAILPRO competition staff about designs will be held in strict confidence.   Entry Fee:  $75.

Property of Nailpro Competition ©2017 Creative Age Publications. All rules including judging criteria are NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED UNLESS WRITTEN APPROVAL IS GIVEN FROM NAILPRO COMPETITION DIRECTOR ONLY!  All Nailpro Competition rules are copywritten and All rights reserved.