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154 NAILPRO Competitions Score SheetsWe get so many questions about the score sheets and how judges determine who receives one, so I decided to write this blog to shed some light on the subject. At a NAILPRO competition, competitors are only scored if they are among the top 10. The top 10 is determined during an elimination process completed by the judging panel. Models are seated, 10 at a time, with only their hands showing beneath the curtain. Judges scan the nails—without touching the models’ hands—and assess which sets should be kept for the second round of judging.

Scoops and a Tip

Want the inside and official scoop on Nailpro Nail Competitions? You’ve come to the right place. We have some exciting changes for 2011. The 2011 Nailpro Cup series begins at ISSE Long Beach (January 29-31) and ends at IBS Las Vegas (June 18-20), the new home of the Nailpro Cup Awards. Nailpro is excited to bring competitions back to Chicago at the new ISSE Midwest (March 26-28). Of course, Premiere Orlando (June 5-6) is also on the schedule.

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Sculpting Acrylic Competition Nails

Further your career by entering nail competitions; use these tips and techniques to get a leg up!

By: Carla Collier

Competition is something that every nail technician should try at least once. There are many benefits, some of which include building what I call your “competition eyes.” Your focus is adjusted through competition and you see everything in a new light: perfect arch location; crisp, symmetrical smile lines; sharp details; fully-developed nail art; and flawlessly round, flush, covered cuticle areas.

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