Preperation & Supply Checklist

Are YOU ready for the competition?

Competition Preperation

  • Read and understand the General Rules
  • Read and understand the individual rules of competitions you are registered for
  • Did you have questions? If so, did you contact NAILPRO?

Competition Supplies

  • Timer or clock
  • Lamp and extra bulbs
  • Extension cord
  • Heating pad
  • Table towels
  • Paper towels
  • Dappen dish
  • Bowl or other container and water for cleaning
  • Polish corrector
  • Brushes
  • Implements
  • Acetone
  • Enhancement products (must be new or in labeled containers)
  • Files and buffers (clean and unused)
  • Soap (for Salon Success)
  • Forms
  • Tips and adhesive (where applicable)
  • Electric file and bits
  • Chamois buffers and buffing products (Salon Success)
  • Cuticle oil (Salon Success)
  • Red cream polish (Where applicable)
  • Base and top coats (Salon Success and Design Sculptured Nails)
  • Gel Polish (Where applicable)
  • All products to complete entered competitions
  • Rules for competitons entered